Simple:Planting Trees Changes lives

Kuma Eyewear gives its wearers the opportunity to change lives with every purchase.

Trees help to increase agricultural yields, improve water infiltration and aquifer recharge and protect soils from wind and water erosion for the local communities they are planted in.

They provide food, wood for fuel and construction materials for the communities they are planted in as well as food and forage for indigenous plant and animal species.

 Children planting trees in Gonaives

Where Are The Trees Planted?
Kuma Eyewear has partnered with Trees for the Future to plant trees in some of our planets most deforested and endangered eco systems.

Trees For The Future has helped thousands of communities in Central America, Africa, and Asia be more sustainable and restore the environment by planting nearly 65 million trees!

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Trees Help Fight Climate Change
Trees matter to all of us because they help mitigate global climate change.

Recent natural disasters illustrate that global climate change is real and sadly only now more people and governments are starting to take action to help reverse global climate change.
Land without trees is more vulnerable to both floods and drought.
What’s more, deforestation and climate change are intimately connected.
Fewer trees mean that more CO2 escapes into the earth’s atmosphere and prevents heat from escaping into space.
Conversely, more trees reduce CO2 emissions, thus helping to lower the earth’s temperature.

With every tree planted through your purchase of Kuma Eyewear we help to reduce global climate change.